Provide Strategic Guidance and Improve Profitability

Your time as a business owner is valuable and spending it on obscure and esoteric financial topics can be frustrating. MintFi professionals provide the strategic guidance and expertise to fill-in the knowledge gap and save you time, energy, and money. MintFi’s goal is to constantly and consistently create value for your company. We make the complex simple and increase your personal productivity by streamlining the financial decision-making process.

What Differentiates Us?

Advisory firms are typically staffed with accounting and tax professionals who can provide basic bookkeeping, budgeting and financial preparation. MintFi goes beyond the traditional “trade money for services model” and moves to the realm of the strategic and the transformative. Instead of only solving the basic problem or providing the simple solutions, we, as your strategic partner, add value by providing recommendations and insights to help you not only transform your finance department but also your company’s future. MintFi looks to turn your finances from a net negative into a competitive advantage.

The Big Picture

We strive to build a long-term partnership with you to build a continuous foundation of sustained, profitable growth for your business. A long-term partnership allows us to deliver consistent value to you as your business changes and grows and new challenges arise throughout the year. As your new finance department and strategic partner, our unique backgrounds and track records allow our team to quickly tailor our relationship to fulfill both your current and anticipated needs. Our pricing is tied directly to the service-level you desire, and our role can be expanded or reduced as your company changes.

Examples of Our Value Creation

Improve Cash Flow and Increase Company Value

Cash Flow is imperative to every business and critical to its success. A lack of focus on how your business generates and uses cash can impinge on growth, inhibit liquidity, and create debt and leverage issues. A keen understanding of how your current and projected future cash needs along with simple changes can unlock trapped cash and improve liquidity. You cannot pay back a bank loan or pay yourself with net income. Everything flows out of cash flow and your company’s value is determined by cash flow. Let a MintFi professional help you improve your cash flow with our proprietary system today.

Choosing a Banking Partner

Choosing a banking partner is one of the most critical decisions a business can make. Commercial debt is a powerful tool that a business can leverage to accelerate growth and improve ROE. In addition, business accounts and Treasury Management services can be confusing and expensive. Finding the right banking partner is critical to giving your business a real competitive advantage. With business needs constantly evolving, having a strategic advisor to constantly analyze your company’s specific needs and subsequently negotiate and advise on your behalf can create real value. It’s rare that a bank will proactively provide recommendations to provide a better deal for you. MintFi becomes your advocate and advisor and will create real value for you.

Comprehensive Review and Ongoing Analysis

MintFi’s proprietary review techniques and methodology provide tried and true methods for small businesses to analyze each facet of your business, provide commentary, analysis, and key performance indicators, and develop a strategic plan to correct deficiencies, address problems, and align business functions with your overall strategy. Every business is different and has a different set of challenges and key risk drivers. We allow you to “step outside” of your business and look at your operations through the lens of an expert financial professional. MintFi provides business owners with the capabilities to implement new systems and leverage key data that allow them to develop new action plans and a feedback loop to track progress and performance.


Grow Profitably and Plan Strategically

In a post-COVID world beset by high inflation and ever-changing government policies, MintFi provides the key insights that will allow you to plan for the future both profitably and sustainably. Labor costs, materials, commodities, interest rates, etc., are examples of critical inputs that can cause profit and cash flow deterioration. Through forecasting, MintFi can help you understand how you operate in an uncertain future with the confidence that your business decisions are sustainable and can generate the cash flow you expect.

Bank Financing

Using leverage can maximize your ROE and is a valuable tool to grow your business more quickly. However, in a downside scenario, Bank financing is not without risk or consequence. Navigating the commercial banking landscape can be a daunting and more expensive task for those who are unfamiliar with the process and general terms. MintFi handles the entire process and works with banks on your behalf to provide your business with the best terms and rate available. Simply having an advisor to negotiate on your behalf can save you thousands of dollars in interest and fees, and we make it easy for you.


Overcome Specific Challenges

MintFi’s advisors act as your key advisor and sounding board whenever new problems or important questions arise. These can range from real-estate investments, cash flow issues, new business lines, and navigating complex transactions. Whatever the case may be, MintFi will act as your advisor and help you understand the pros and cons and potential outcomes of your potential decisions.


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