Reframing the traditional financial review: Empowering business owners and stakeholders to make informed investment decisions in the digital age.

Financial reviews have barely evolved in more than 30 years. The end result produces financial reports with little to no actionable insights. Modern, technologically-enabled financial practices are significantly more sophisticated than the methodologies being used to retrospectively evaluate business performance. Growth-minded and ambitious businesses should be – and are – demanding more. Financial consultancy needs to keep the future firmly in mind and, where possible, proactively mitigate risk and protect margins. The methodologies of the comprehensive financial review should inform strategy and optimize business execution.

We believe that a comprehensive financial review should include all areas of the finance department, not just the profit and loss report. It’s time to use your data and performance analysis to enable greater accountability for the business investment. Our proprietary auditing process provides performance analysis, actionable insights, and value drivers, which give better vision into the allocation of resources and quality data to drive the strategic vision. Our process is unique, building on our knowledge of the banking, financial, real estate, and legal industries. Our comprehensive reviews cover cash management, debt and capital management, budgeting and forecasting, appraisals, attorneys, banking, insurance, key performance indicators, value drivers, unit-level trend analysis and profit margin-based activities, while also providing a clear roadmap to spur growth. We provide quality data and KPIs to provide better insight into business segments and verticals to tie actual business activities to your performance and to your long-term goals and strategic vision.

Ultimately all financial investment should be
measured and assessed on:


Ensuring complete disclosure
and full visibility on expenses
and income


Holding finance to account for
delivery of business outcomes


Applying the findings to inform
better, more optimised decisions


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