Our values…

As a trusted financial advisor to startup, small, and medium sized businesses, MINTFI empowers businesses to reduce inefficiencies and increase profit margins in a complex and fast-changing financial landscape. Founded in 2022, MINTFI provides independent, expert financial consulting in the areas of Advisory and Assurance to the most ambitious businesses around the world and works closely with finance, accounting, treasury, loan and procurement teams to improve financial performance. MINTFI has advised on over $500M of financial investments and leverages the knowledge gained through that experience to the betterment of all its clients. We have four core values that influence our company culture and define how we interact and operate as a business.


We strive to create relationships that are meaningful through candid and thoughtful communication.


We firmly believe that we are among the best financial advisors in the world. We may be often imitated, but never replicated.


Our clients never quit, and neither do we. We have the courage to face difficult situations and come out on top.


We accomplish our results as a team. We invest in each other. We take care of each other.


Our leadership team

CEO & Chief Financial OfficerSean Nichols
Board MemberT.C. Jennings
Chief Operating OfficerStef Han